About US

BeingSaver is the right path to grab amazing discounts on your online shopping. We at BeingSaver offering coupons & voucher codes to our visitors which offers by our merchants based on United Kingdom. We have declare our privacy policy details for using our website beingsaver.co.uk.

A Little Information for BeingSaver Visitors

Visitor can get free coupons & vouchers without registration. Incase people wants to register then they can share their details and register at beingsaver.co.uk. You must follow beingsaver.co.uk terms & condition as defined in this privacy policy. If you disagree, please don’t share any information regards your personal details to us.

What Kinds of Details do we collect ?

When you came to beingsaver registration page & register on our website. We collect your email address for future goal to send you amazing discount deals through email marketing. The details may consist such as first name last name, username and email address. You may use your website freely without sharing this kind of details but you may not get such features like favorite stores and many more.

Do we have any relationship with online merchant ?

Yes, we at beingsaver have affiliate relationship to online retailers based on United Kingdom. This online retailers acquire forms of paid advertisements and sponsorship.

3rd Party Details

We do not sell any kind of our user information to third party or any kind of website. We provide third party products and services at beingsaver.co.uk. this third party website have various kinds of privacy policy therefore we are not responsible for kind of loss & profit linked with this websites.

Contact to BeingSaver

BeingSaver will contact you by email. We send you voucher codes & coupons which are running our merchant’s website. If you don’t like such kind of mails then please email us at [email protected]. If you have any kind of query regarding coupons & vouchers or any kind of suggestion to improve our services then you can reach to our contact us page.

BeingSaver have the rights to change the privacy policy at any time. This privacy policy can change any times and we will to our user regarding changes on page by email and the date of changes made.